Friday, September 28, 2012

211 - HULK Puny but Sexy

210 - Minimates @ Boracay

Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Islandin the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies.[Note 1] The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak municipality of Malay, province of Aklan. Administered by Philippine Tourism Authority and the provincial government of Aklan. (Wiki) to know more about the place click Boracay

Doc Endo of PMK with his mini - me. conquered the majestic beauty of this place.

If you want to experience these relaxing treat that nature brings, in this part of the world try BORACAY!

Behind the scene. not the behind is seen. hehehe, peace doc.  I know this feeling, this is what I also do when I'm on a beach here in Davao.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

209 - Magazine Preview

Minimates magazine preview. Just a thought.....DST you might want to publish one.

AVX by Arvin Trinidad

208 - Instagram Minimates II

The lady who has outstanding minimates collection invaded again PMK with her cool Minimates Photos..

Collection and Pics by: Brittany Araneta

My request, A remake of the Photo above with Loki instead of the Wolvies. hehehe

I envy her, she has DP, Psylock and Wolvie X-force... When can I have mine? huhuhu!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hard to find Hulk warriors. from the collections of Jhambhitz


Sunday, September 23, 2012

206 - Minimates w/ Bike

MINIMATES w/ bikes continues......

here, by Doc Endo and Oneng Sales

Saturday, September 22, 2012

205 - HULKNENG's Minimates

Hulk Minimates from the collections of Oneng Sales

Now that's his secret.  He is always hungry for hulk Minimates......Hulk Smash!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

204 - Take it to the Outdoors

From the collections of Doc Endo 



cool outdor pics Doc.  More.........


COOL I mean HOT, or COOL! or HOT! whatever just see the pic. hehehe

By: Zneb Naubmul

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

201 - Photogenic Minimates III

Poster Perfect .. Indeed Minimates are Photogenic... Can be featured in a Minimates Magazine if there is any.  I'd like to publish one..... Any sponsors for this project? pm me. hehehe!

Imagine if PMK - Pinoy Minimates Kolektors will level up and publish a magazine about minimates. Contents would be, Updates, new releases, reviews, bi pics, minimates collectors, cool customs, minimates waves, the joy of minimates collecting shared, comic stuff, a page with Poster, contests, etc. would you buy one? hehehe. (just an addict dreamin') hehehe! Maybe someday when I win the Lotto. 

for the mean time enjoy these cool pics by: Benz (Zneb Naubmul)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

200 - Take That!

That scene! 

Can't help but post it here. hehehe! Hope Luke and Jeff is cool with it.

199 - Who's your favorite Monster?

When I was little I am always horrified by  monsters. Looking back as a child with my playmates we're afraid of monsters and yet we always want to watch horror films, listen to ghost stories and play horror house. In school during intramural, horror houses is set by high school students and we would pay to experience that rush and get frightened.  In our village we play horror games on the grassy area play as monsters, and frightened little girls our age. hehehe. during full moons we would go out and set bonfires with neighbors and share and listen to horror stories of ghost, white ladies and capre, tikbalangs, dewende, aswang, mananggal. and many more. It was frightening but come to think of it, it was fun. It was a bonding moment with friends and playmates.  

There is indeed something worth while about this monsters. Maybe this is why monsters are everywhere, every country, city, municipality or wherever you are there are always monsters. Afraid? nah, theres nothing to be afraid off, cause they're just in the mind. We just create this monsters in our thoughts. So the next time your alone and your starting to shiver and be  afraid of monsters.   Think of how this monsters can be as cute as this tiny little minimate monsters. hehehe

Monster Minimates by Doc Endo.  


zombie (Haitian CreolezonbiNorth Mbundunzumbe) is an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft.[1] The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. Since the late 19th century, zombies have acquired notable popularity, especially in North American and European folklore.
In modern times, the term "zombie" has been applied to anundead being in horror fiction, largely drawn from George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.[2][3]They have appeared as plot devices in various books, films, video games and in television shows. (
Walking dead, plants vs zombies even marvel characters are zombied. hehehe! 
Doc Endo's Marvel Zombies

197 - Instagram Minimates

Who says that only men love minimates? If you think so, then your wrong.

Brittany Araneta and her awesome minimates collection.