Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Samwise the Brave: "Whatever you do Mr.Frodo, Don't look back---"

by: Doc Andy A.K.A. Across Waves

465 - DP and the rides

Nice Rides Girl! 
by: Anthonette Balboa Tolosa

Sunday, June 16, 2013

464 - PMK @ TOYCON

just grab pics from facebook! peace! =) Glad to have shared these! Enjoy!

If Minimates were drugs, these guys would probably be on the rehab by now or on the hit list!
 But " it's only an addiction if your trying to quit!" hehehe!

The Addicts @ TOYCON 2013

They say that "minimates are chick magnet". Who said that again? hehehe.  
Is it really the Minimates or the Collectors! Naks! 

who says that these X-men ladies are cold...Bet, the General will disagree! 


Allen - send us our shirts!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

463 - Morning So Pretty

hehehe! Is that the translation for Umagang Kay Ganda? hehehe UKG  or Umagang Kay Ganda is a Daily Morning Show here in the Philippines that offers  updates on the latest news and current events, advice, important and practical tips, as well as the hottest issues and sizzling hot stuff.

In lue of the on going 12th Toy Convention in Manila, Philippines. Toy Collectors were gathered and invited to appear on this morning show.  And of course PMK - Pinoy Minimates Kolektors were well represented.

here enjoy the pics by: Allen Rasheed Wallace 

The Big Three of PMK

The Big Three with one of the UKG Hosts Miss Bianca Gonzales

Here more pics. this time by PTK Dan Castro

Ganda talaga (She's really pretty). That beauty defines Umagang Kay Ganda. Swerte ng Big 3. Inggit much here. heheheh!

so that's the famous aquarium. hehehe! nice! 

Congratulations Guys! for the successful, should I say Guesting in the Morning Show UKG. Good Luck for the TOYCON. More power to you guys! God Speed! PMK Rules! 

thanks to Allen and Sir Dan Castro for these pics. Glad to have shared it.