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406 - Doc Endo's Customs

Doc Endo would like to thank MMMV's Best Customizers for the ideas they're sharing. making these awesome set possible. 

Nice Work there Doc Endo! Keep them comin'

405 - Who's that Mini-me?

hehehe! Well don't disagree. this is my younger Mini-me. hahaha! 

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 A cool way to refresh our selves this summer is swimming....

I am looking forward to my adventures this summer. Have a nice summer everyone.  SUMma Time!

By: Jhambhitz

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396 - Astonishing X -men

Astonishing set of minimates from the collection of: Jhambhitz


hehehe! Expensive Collectibles - Expesivables
From the Collection of Jhambitz

These set of minimates are very hard to find and when you find one, it's too expensive. I am just lucky to have 4 of these minimates. Still on a wait mode for the rest of the set. especially that Shiny red mombo jumbo in the middle. hehehe! 

Congrats Sir Jham. Happy hunting for all of us who are still on the hunt mode. 

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394 - ZSC - Docendo's Entry

This one is one of my personnal favorite, not just because its written by a pinoy. but for some reason I just do. hehehe.

I enjoyed reading this one. Love the custom too.

"The Survivor"
By: Doc Endo

After the Alien Zombies From Outer Space came to Earth, futurescientist and antique collector Mang Dagul discovered that the only way toresist the docile-ray (which the A.Z.F.O.S. used on humans to ensure non-resistance while being eaten) was to use an old soup kettle as a helmet.

After being bitten in the pinky by a zombie raccoon, Mang Dagul quickly cut off his left hand to avoid becoming a zombie. Stumbling on an old abandoned laboratory, he used an experimental appendage-growing machine to try and regrow his hand but much tohis amazement, four new arms grew instead. Inexplicably, the arms were all of different colors. Sensing an opportunity to fight the A.Z.F.O.S., he quickly implanted a scythe,  a sonic blaster, a plasma cannon and a cyborg arm on his new extremities (He did not implant
anything on his original right arm as he wanted to be still able to scratch his nose).

 Unfortunately, he was not able to walk because of the sheer weight of his implants.

Fortunately, he eventually developed thunder thighs and was able to walk around again.

After several near fatal zombie encounters, he now roams the Earth while wearing his favorite blue tank-top and wristband, looking for other survivors
and teaching them the most effective way to kill Alien Zombies From Outer Space…

a bonk on the beanie with a baseball bat.

hope docendo would not mind about me giving the title hehehe. 

393 - ZSC Early Frost's Entry.

Pinoy's were well represented.  Here's the entry of Gilly Arzala A.K.A. Early Frost

Blonde Vs The Apocalypse
By: Gilly Arzala

Female Zombie: Grrrrr .... Arrrr ...
Abby: Aww, you don't look happy. Then again if I had decomposing gray skin, ratty hair extensions and poor taste in clothes, I wouldn't be too happy either.

Abigail Archambault had it all (almost). Popularity, good looks, money, and a star quarterback boyfriend (who also happened to be the hottest guy in school). All her friends worship and envy her and the guys ... well ... they wanna be with her (duh!). Rather than study, her time would usually revolve around cheerleading, socializing with her friends and shopping. Despite being blessed, she was mean, arrogant and selfish. She picked on the less attractive guys and girls in her high school. She turned bullying into an art form.

The day before the apocalypse, Abby and her clique decided to get away for the weekend and went up to the mountains to her family's log cabin. They partied, had sex like rabbits and drank all day. She woke up the next morning with a severe headache (which she blamed on the booze and party pills) and found herself alone in the cabin. Stepping outside, she witnessed how two disfigured strangers ripped apart the lifeless body of her boyfriend. They chewed his flesh, his guts and drank his blood like they were in an all-you-can-eat buffet.

It was like horrible you guys. Like Justin Bieber horrible.

Abby fled the scene, driving a van back to town, only to realize that all of her loved ones were either eaten or were turned into mindless zombies. The only thing she was able to salvage from her room was her doll, Renesmee (because she loves Twilight and she would shop lift and cut a bitch for Edward Cullen ... because he's hot).

Months after everything went to hell, the bitchy cheerleader became self reliant and efficient. Never in a gazillion years has she thought that she would kick undead ass using a crossbow and an axe. She even figured out how to operate a rocket launcher. How awesome is that? She was like freaking Xena: Warrior Princess ... but with beautiful blonde, shiny hair and waaaaaaaay prettier and feminine. The apocalypse changed her. Now, she moves from town to town, scouring for food, medicines, shelter, cute boys and ohhhhhh free high end clothes.

Who would've thought a dumb blonde like Abigail Archambault could survive the zombie apocalypse?

392 - Zombie Survivor Contest - Pinoy Represent

3rd Place Best Story - Zombie Survivor Contest 
@ Minimates Multiverse


The last man on Earth was just bitten by a zombie.

His entire body winced as soon as the zombie sunk its teeth on his left shoulder. He forcefully pushed the zombie away and turned to face it. The zombie, intent on devouring human meat, lunged towards him. He quickly drew out his gun and fired. He hit the zombie on the stomach and it fell to the ground. It was still alive but the man knew it would die soon. He sat down on a rock next to the zombie and checked his shoulder. He pressed his right hand firmly on top of the wound to ease the pain. The irony of the situation made him smirk.

He was about to board his ship and leave the planet.

He named his ship after himself. It was his way of sticking it to what became of the world and that he is abandoning it to go somewhere else. He does not know whether there are other habitable planets but the risk of the unknown is better than the alternative - a certainty of life spent with flesh-eating monsters.

Upon checking his wounds, the man resigned to his situation and lay down. The creature beside him is now lifeless. In front of him, he could see his ship with the door ajar.

For the last few years or months (he can never be sure as sense of time has long since left him), he was scouring the ends of the Earth to look for uninfected humans. What he encountered was just hordes of zombies. He killed a lot of them as he was very skilled in handling weapons. Having all the time in the world with nothing to do and having no people to talk with, the man perfected his survival skills.
The pain is now starting to subside. The man closed his eyes and patiently waited.

He knows not what caused this apocalyptic event. The scientific community was divided whether it was a mutation caused by expansive nuclear testing of every United Continent, or excessive cosmic radiation bombarding the unprotected areas, those countries which were ignored by Global Enclosure Programs. The religious lot claimed it was God’s punishment, or some Biblical doomsday. The man knew better. He was certain God had no part in this. His idea was far less complicated – overpopulation.

By year 2050, everyone was surprised when population reached 100 billion. It was at the same time that oil reserves were practically exhausted. The exponential growth of people meant greater demand for energy and food. Resources quickly dwindled. Societies slowly crumbled and men resorted to base instincts in order to survive. At first, crime rate escalated. There was rampant thievery and everyone became a crook, even those who were supposed to uphold the law. Then, governments collapsed and people had to fend for themselves.

The man’s breathing became rhythmic and slow.
All animals became food for the starving masses. When all livestock disappeared, wild animals and domesticated pets followed suit. Then, the unconscionable happened – men rationalized eating babies. They considered babies less human because they lack self-awareness. This was the tipping point and there was no turning back. When all babies were gone, men started eating children. At first, parents captured other children to feed their families. Later, parents started butchering their own. Finally, men became monsters and started eating one another. This went on for several years until the cannibals transformed into something both more and less human. It could be due to the transmission of all types of virus and bacteria from consuming other living beings, or the nuclear radiation might have played a part after all. In the end, humans turned into zombies, hungry for another man’s flesh. They existed for the sole purpose of surviving, and that meant eating one another.

The Zombie Apocalypse did not begin with a plague making everyone a walking dead, nor was there any flash of light in the sky. It started from within.

There was no more pain. The man lay motionless.
After several minutes, he opened his eyes, checked his non-existent wound, stood up and entered his ship.


The healing process from a bite still hurts the man every time. Zombie bites were nothing though compared to being burned alive, when he was immolated by the Church for being a Knight Templar.

The man shut the door and went to the pantry to take nourishment before leaving. There was enough food for ten people to last a year. He had hoped to find any companion in his voyage. Unfortunately, he was alone. He is an immortal. Death could not touch him. The man has lived through all World Wars, Renaissance, Crusades and beyond. He met Albert Einstein, when he studied at Princeton. He sailed with Columbus and discovered the New World. He was nomadic in America when it was still his ‘Old World’. However, his memories are hazy. His brain is normal, and he cannot possibly remember thousand years of experience. His most distinct recollections are from recent past and the event that made him eternal.
He finished his meal and peered at the window. Zombies formed outside. Some were eating the zombie he killed earlier while others were banging his vessel.

The man approached his seat and started the engines. He honored his situation by remembering the most important event in his life, two thousand years ago.

He was not aware how it happened, but his sisters told him that he died, and a healer resurrected him after four days.

The ship lifted off.

The man grieves for the world, and is terrified of the perpetual future that awaits him. Immortality is not a blessing, but a curse. He was the first living dead, and the last human alive.

The zombies stared at the ship zooming towards the heavens. If they can still read, they would have learned the ship’s name painted on its side – LAZARUS.

Special Participation: The body of Minimate Jesus courtesy of Squall.

Thanks  Luke for organizing the contest. 


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391 - Ultimate Ironman

Finally got a new Ironman.  Thanks Bro Jhambhitz and Bro Jason Ledesma Dumangon for the recently concluded Group Buy. Still needing alot of Ironman Minimates.

390 - My Hope is up!

Thanks Jerome Lim for this one. hanggang sa muli! sa uulitin. 

389 - EYE ON YOU

Finally, got your eye little Fury.  hehehe. Thanks Ronald Sanchez. Not a TRUx, but this will do.

This will do for now. till I get my hands on the movie version.