Wednesday, September 16, 2015

42 - ANT -Thony

by: Gen. Oneng Sales

41 - I can hear the background music on this one

Tenenenenen nenen tenenenen nenen tenen.....

by: Neoryt Dillan Cruz

40 - 4 vs 1

Shredder's gonna be shredded to pieces...

by: Neoryt Dillan Cruz

39 - The Survivors

by: Rasheed Wallace

38 - Show us your TOP 5 Minis

Arvin Trinidad's Top 5

Tomas Cueva's Top 5 w/ honorable mentions

Neoryt Dillan Cruz's Top 5

General Oneng's Top 5

My Top 5

37 - MODOK

MODOK - Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Kawaii ...

I have to post this.. It's by the General! More General Oneng!

36 - The Predator is out for a hunt

by: Aldo Nelbert Banaynal

35 - Big B

Got a few updates of my own. hehehe! 

34 - The Kill

by: Aldo Nelbert Banaynal

33 - He got the Ooooooo!

Thunder thunder..thunder! Cats! 

This pic makes me want to have One of this Minimates....I have to add this on my wishlist.  PMK Addiks if you have a spare of this minimate PM me please....

By: Arvin Trinidad

love this shot! 

32 - Alien

by: Aldo Nelbert Banaynal 

Custom Predator..Woot! Nice Comic Strip bro. Moreeee!!!!!hehehe! 

31 - Pool Party

DeadPool - one of the characters I wanted to collect. I only have a handful of these DPs. 
 That Baraka Pool WOW! this one is by: Erik Santos bro. I think you need the Squallworks exclusive Nudepool. hehehe! 

30 - Sentinel Max

WOW Collection of Sentinel
By: Neoryt Dillan Cruz

Well, I Wish upon a star, that DST will change their mind and release again Sentinel Max...and would send one for me. hehehe! 



 here is my Address: 

Intot Dino c/o Holy Cross of Davao College, Basic Education Department, Bajada, Davao City 8000.

Thank You!

29 - Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 - but this Pic and collection is even more Fantastic...That Galactus! WOW...More!

By: Neoryt Dillan Cruz