Sunday, June 9, 2013

461 - ZUMA

Zuma is a Filipino comic book character created by Jim Fernandez that has a two headed snake (one head on both ends) that rests on his shoulders. As told in the Comics, Zuma was ademigod, and the son of the Aztec serpent god Kukulkan ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent"). He had been entombed in a buried Aztec pyramid until he was unearthed by an archaeological expedition team. Unleashed into the modern world, Zuma went on a murderous rampage.
Zuma first appeared in the comic series Aztec. The character reached the peak of his popularity in the 1980s with the series Anak ni Zuma (Child of Zuma or Children of Zuma) in Aliwan Komiks. It spawned a spin-off prequel Angkan ni Zuma (Clan of Zuma), chronicling Zuma's adventures in ancient times. Zuma-Maria was a science-fiction tale about his future descendant. In the mid-1990s, Zuma was revived in a short-lived comic book series all his own, Zuma Komiks (Zuma Comics).
There have only been two Philippine Zuma movies to date, Zuma and Anak ni Zuma, both starring actor Max Laurel in the title role. Snooky Serna played Galema, Zuma's daughter, in the first film only; the role was played in the sequel by a lesser-known actress named Jenny Lyn. Max Laurel appeared in other films, but primarily as a character actor. (Wikipedia)

Customizer and Minimates Collector Doc Endo have created the awesome minimates version of ZUMA. 


  1. He is a snake warriorl a hero/villain son of Aztec king Kukulkan god if snakes and father of her only daughter Galema a snake princess in Jim Fernandez story Galema:Anak ni Zuma starring Andi Eigenmann as Galema in her title role a new telefantaserye coming to kapamilya network on 9-16-2013 premieres Monday on the Filipino Channel worldwide.Thanks for the information for your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

  2. Andi Eugenman is awesome actress!!!

  3. Zuma's daughter is the heroine of Jim Fernandez novels!!!! From:Wayne

  4. He is better than Mightor and He-Man combined a new hero is born the ancient snake warrior son of Lord Kukulkan Aztec snake god wa named Zuma king of snakes created by Jim Fernandez.Thanks! From:Wayne

  5. Zuma is awesome as a hero more tougher than any other comic heroes has weapons using strength self defense and telepathy to call for his followers like serpents and snakes as his ally against enemies and remains a popular icons of all time.Thanks! From: Wayne