Monday, October 21, 2013


One of the malls here in Davao City conducted a toy congress, only a few cabs where prepared. 10 groups where invited including our group, and so fellow Pinoy Minimates Kolektors where informed and with the joint effort we manage to fill the cab with goodies!

Rizza and Leifredh Jan busy preparing the displays.  Me busy watching them hehehe, I did help also. hehehe!   

Rizza's Ironman collection. It was awesome to watch her line up the armors on the top shelf.  It was like Ironman thru the ages. hehehe! 

Of course, Leifredh with his webheads, He could easily fill the cab doin' a one man show if he wants too! awesome Spidey collection.

My DC Batman and Friends

My Few Halo Minimates

A Cab of Goodies! A Cab of Fun!

Pics Courtesy of Rizza and Jan. Edited it just a little. hehehe! 

Davao Based Minimates Kolektors! hehehe! 

Left to Right: Intot, Rizza and DP este Webhead Leifredh Jan

Thanks for watching!