Are Customized minimates that I consider awesome. These are Minimates that I commissioned from a friend and fellow minimate collector Les Koting, they say that like basketball, I have the home court advantage. hehehe, I'm just lucky that one of the best, if not the best customizer is here in Davao.


Wings or Redemption - Spawn
More Pics here: WOR - Spawn
by: Lester Moore Koting.

Mr. Lester Moore Koting have done it again a new minimate custom of the GI Joe Snake eyes. With superb detailing. Molder and sculpted the Visor and other accessories which made it a unique minimate character. He did it again without taking its articulation, its 14 - point articulation could still be maximized. One could still make many poses for action shots. More pics after the jump: jump

By: Lester Moore Koting

This was my entry for the MMMV's Contest Alternate customs. I tried to assemble a minimate with parts from different characters. It almost won, well I guess almost. hehehe! never the less, I enjoyed making this character.

Legionnaire Thor
By: Yours Trully - Intot

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