Thursday, August 29, 2013


Is this really the end of the battle? or Round two is about to start. Judging bythe look of DP. He's dressed up like a round girl. hehehe! 

"Cause you can't talk peace and have a gun|. hehehe! 

514 - Keep your mouth shut!

hehehe! my entry to MMMV contest.

Which one should I submit? though I submitted already. but I think I can still changes that.




Wednesday, August 28, 2013

513 - Resback (Retaliation)

Previously.....last battle

Mean while Somewhere @ Stark's Tower...

Guess Pepper needs help... hehehe! Mark 42 still needs some adjustments.
By: Oneng Sales

512 - Feelin' Gangsta!

Bad boys Bad boys What you ganna do! What you ganna do? when the General got you!?

by: Oneng Sales

Monday, August 26, 2013

509 - There DPs are out!

Deadpools have reached the shores of the Philippines. And I am sure if local stores will have stocks these will be hitting like a storm.

Tray shots by doc endo.  Accessories galore indeed...

Deadpools everywhere...............

DOcEndo's DPs

Leifredh's DPs

Congrats! nice DPs Guys! More action shots! 

508 - The Battle Continues!

previous battlesss...

the Buster this time: By Rizza Jane Villanueva

507 - Power Punch!

by: Leifredh Jan Fernandez

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Well, hope I was the one saying that statement and have these figs. But it's Leifredh Jan Fernandez who said it this time.

Awesome Squallwork's Exclusive! Jelly much here! T_T. huhuhu!


By: Ronald Sanchez

Friday, August 23, 2013


Guess who owns this little Green Mean Machines?

of course it's from the collections of no less than the General himself Oneng Sales

Congrats! nice update! More! I want some action shots! =)

503 - DP's Desperado

When can I have my own movie?

I'm sure it will be a block buster! 

Ben Affleck can also Star in My Role! 

Inspired by Tom Cruise in the Movie Mission Impossible 2....hehehe

 Inspired by Nicolas Cage in the Movie: Face Off with Travolta

I guess it's quite obvious, I watch too many action films. hehehe! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

502 - Gaijin

Now I want the Silver Samurai! hope DST will make it Big and Bulky a 3 incher minimates if possible. Hehehe! Just askin' What do you think guys?

501 - When Is My Movie Comin' Up?

Everybody Loves me u know! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

500 - New Banner is Up @ PMK (Pinoy Minimates Kolektors)

By: Bryan Mark German


Remember this Previously....hehehe!

I really want to follow this epic battle..(Follow na lang ala man koy Hulk Buster! T_T)

oh wait! A new player is on the game! Doc Endo's Nakedpool. 

498 - Now you see me, now you don't!

by: Genesis Aragon

497 - Strongest Pinoy Superhero

Captain Barbell is a fictional Filipino superhero created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Jim Fernandez. He first appeared in Pinoy Komiks #5 (May 23, 1963). Like Darna, he also had an alter-ego named Tengteng, a thin, weakling and asthmatic person whose only dream was to become strong and muscular. He also appeared in Kampeon Komiks (Champion Comics). (

I always wanted to create this in minimates, but never found the materials to have this created. But Doc Endo Did. With the Help of Ronald Sanchez

and presenting! 

Thumbs Up! WooT! Congrats Doc!


Custom? yes they are! All the while when I first saw the pic. I thought they are new released minimates! well   they are. But Newly released SGCC Exclusives! new customs by no less than Son_goku  Ronald Sanchez. New set of SGCC Exclusives. Wreckingly Awesome! Superb Painting and Detailing! more! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

495 - Zatanna

Another one of a kind Custom by: none other than Doc Endo

Recipe: Its a joker tuxedo sharpied black, jean de wolfe stockings, top hat is from peter pan 

494 - Gaijin

By: Brent Klaroyd Goot

Saturday, August 10, 2013

493 - It's My turn!

By: Rizza Jane Villanueva

Smashin' this time it's the General's turn! Hulk SmassSSH!!!!

By: Oneng Sales

Wait mode on Rizza's respond....

492 - Infectious!

by: Leifredh Jan Fernandez

Thursday, August 1, 2013

491 - Who's the Chief?

little update again. this time HALO minimates. love these little soldiers! and I got the 
Chief thanks to Gilly Arzala.