Friday, November 16, 2012

246 - X-MEN ROYALE (ver2.0)

Early this morning I posted in the PMK page on facebook, asking the members to post BI pics, cause alot of members I think have new set of minimates. True enough this afternoon before the sun set and made the skies of the Pearl of the Orient dark, my wish was granted. By no less than the General himself, ONENG SALES when he posted the Ultimate BI pics. X-men Royale ver2.0

Awesome X-men collection, the Massive Army, The Cool action shots, The Creative diorama, The Astounding Photography....what more could you ask for...

 X-MEN ROYALE (ver2.0)
Collection and Photo by: ONENG SALES

That there is my Favorite. Infected Wolvi swarmed by brood army.

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