Friday, March 24, 2017

5 - HAPPY PLACE 2017

I visited last night the TOY CONVENTION here in this side of the planet..and as usual its a happy place.

Happy place for all the toy collectors, enthusiasts, fans and for kids and kids at heart.

I use to participate in this convention however with busy schedule at work I could not find time to engage myself in such a prestigious event. (Ohs!!!) hehe..  Nevertheless I participate in any other way I can. (dinga promise!)

MTC or MINDANAO TOY CONVENTION 2017 at Gaisano Mall of Davao is the place to be. It Rocks! Its a week long celebration where you can witness featured toy collections of Mindanao based Toy Collectors.

Here are some shots I have of the said event. Enjoy!

The President is present! hehehe!

If there is a Movie Marvel Select I want to have. that would be FALCON...Very Nice!!! A must have!

And this Logan too!!! hunt mode! Maybe you could help me? 

That avenger!!!!

The following Stats...are awesome!!!! 

Especially this one. Puddin!!!

It was indeed fun to see a vast variety of collectors items, hard to finds, rares or what ever you may call it...but it would never be complete without my favorite.  BIASED as it may seem. but you be the judge...hehehe!

MINIMATES.. by fellow collectors Rizza and Les. Davao Based (PMK) Pinoy Minimates Kolektors. addicts.. Tokhang na yan! hehehe!



Next year Minimates will be at the center. hehehe! 

During the event there are also fun side TAMIYA racing, Hotwheels Gravity Race, Sketching Contest, Game Gards, Computer gaming, and other events everyday as scheduled.  PHOTOYGRAPHY Contest which I will be submitting one entry. hehehe! hope I will win. 

the daddies were the ones enjoying the most.

there were also toy sellers in the event area. and they sell of course TOYS.. and I was able to buy something very nice....hehehe! I really enjoyed having this toy.  and I was able to have it exhibited so I can say im an exhibitor hehehe where is my ID? hehehe! 

here is my new favorite toy. 

If you see it you will shit brix....hahaha!

hahaha! it filled the empty space in the exhibit area...

ZOOM IN so you can see the superb details of it..hehehe!

Thanks for droppin' by... I will take more pics if I will be able to visit this week end.  Chow!!! 

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